DH Update 12, Epiphany Week 6 Wed. February 15, 2023

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Wednesday Meditation (1 John 4:18)

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love..

The first time I felt fear in a strangely unsettling way was when the war on Iraq was declared by the president of the USA. I still don’t know why I was fearful in hearing the announcement, but thinking back, I was getting very upset and fearful over what was to come. For the first time I feared that many people would suffer the devastation and destruction of human lives. I could sense the power of death and I was fearful.

At that time, an emergency Presbytery meeting was called. Ministers and elders of the Presbytery wanted to make a pastoral statement to all Presbyterian congregations. As usual, there were more hankering over and wordsmithing that made me realize how petty and unhelpful we were even when we came together to respond to the war that broke out in Iraq. Some argued for condemnation. Others argued for support of the actions of the West.

I overcame the fear of this strange power of death a couple of years later when I had to tend to a member of the congregation who had a Jewish doctor. When the news of impending death had to be delivered to the family this doctor was angry and upset. He was angry at everyone because he wanted to fight death. After all, he took an oath to do everything to save patients or delay death by restoring to a degree some health. He could do nothing for Helen. He literally hated the fact that there was nothing he could do.

Helen and her family on the other hand were not resigned, but were very peaceful as the day of her death approached. I was with the family almost every day at Helen’s bedside. I could see how the love they shared with each other made Helen love rather than what was wrong with her and searching for a way to live a bit longer. She and her family had no fear. They knew God loved her. They shared love to the last breath she breathed. In their grief they rejoiced in the resurrection life as part of their love.

Since then I witnessed many wonderful Christians facing death in love with the promise of the resurrection life. Through all these Christians I learned that these perfect loves indeed cast out fear. Sharing this perfect love of Christ, there is nothing for us to fear, but live fully in love. Life, after all, flourishes when love is abundant. Well or badly paid jobs, success and failures, health and illnesses are burdens and stumbling blocks if life is without unconditionally bountiful love.



From the session meeting

Envelope Secretary

The session is glad to appoint Deanna Rivette as our new envelope secretary. She will be taking the task over from Bob Opie who was given a 150% increase as recently as the last Financial Annual meeting on his salary which was set at Zero dollars per year ever since he took over. We thank Bob for so many years of service in tracking givings and donations to the church and issuing tax receipts in the first part of the year. All his time of service to the church is much appreciated.

Tax Receipts

Bob’s responsibility came to an end with issuing of tax receipts for 2022. The tax receipts for the 2022 income tax are now ready and available. Some have already picked up theirs. Paper copies are available now. If you wish us to send yours digitally, please, let us know by email, text or phone call.

Roll Clerk

The roll clerk is also changing. Gail Opie has served in the capacity of the roll clerk for many many, yes, too many years to count. Unlike Bob, Gail was never given any increase for her work. Hers was all voluntary. We thank her for all the work she did as the roll clerk for the countless years.

The new roll clerk is Chuck McCrea. Roll clerk’s job is to keep up with all the changes in membership and adherent numbers as well as keeping the record of baptism and marriage records. Roll clerk issues membership certificates when people transfer to other congregations due to moving or for personal reasons.


Verna Wolff has been working hard to fill the list of those who are willing to serve by being ushers/greeters, readers and refreshment leaders. If you would like to help, please speak with Verna. Ushers/greeters usually arrives at the church 30 minutes prior to the service and greets those who are coming to the church and if required lead them to their seats. Readers are those who help in worship by reading Scripture passages of that Sunday morning. These passages can be available ahead of time for people to prepare. Refreshment leaders are those who want to help serve refreshments. Sometimes they bring refreshments like cookies and cakes, but you don’t have to. Refreshment items are available. Your task is to set up, serve and clean up.



Anniversary Sunday

The first Sunday of March is our anniversary Sunday. It will be a very special worship service. Music during worship will be helped by Rob Whitelock and his new band. It will be as exciting and wonderful as the November special afternoon Sunday. Please bring your neighbours and friends. We will give God thanks and celebrate God’s presence with us for 221 years on this hill.

After Service Birthday Party

Following the service, we will celebrate not only our anniversary, but also those who have birthdays in the month of March. Again, the party will involve Mike, Joan (hopefully they will be back and join Jon) and Jon who will help us sing and dance. Please make sure to come and enjoy both the anniversary service and after party.

Helping the people of Ukraine

Thank you so much for helping by bringing gently used clothes, kitchen supplies like plates and small appliances, new pillows, blankets and other items for the people of Ukraine. I have been busy taking your donations to St. Peter and St Paul Ukrainian Church. We will continue to collect until Easter.

If you can help, please drop them off at the church. We are here Tuesday through Friday between 9 am and 12 pm. You can also call if you intend to bring them in the afternoon. If you prefer giving directly, you can drop them off at St. Peter and St. Paul Ukrainian Church on Sylvia Place, next to Lundy’s Lane Museum on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Lent Wednesdays Devotions and Fellowship

Please remember that starting on Ash Wednesday, February 22, we will begin our Lent journey by gathering for devotion and fellowship at 10:30 am. Please mark your calendars. Come and join us for this important spiritual journey with us. Devotion will be about 15 to 20 minutes long followed by refreshment and fellowship.