Lent 5

Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? It is Lent 5.

This week we are looking at the history of our mission from the the we ended our Cooking Club with Newcomers to Canada and Breakfast Worship to Saturday Lunch Take out.

We began by having our public lecture series. We called it, "Wine, Women and Song." Yes, it was a riff from Johann Strauss' "Wine, Women and Song" waltz. Unlike Johann Strauss we discussed and learned out Wine and its role in Christian faith and worship, Women's contribution (especially Canadian Presbyterian Women) to the Church, and Hymns and composers. We had lots of fun. Some people still fondly remembers why they chose white over red wines and how wines in Europe were initially developed by Christian communities. Following through the history of hymns showed us how Christians were always adapting and innovating secular songs, too, as they also developed classical music for worship especially in Baroque period.

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