Wednesday Meditation (Matthew 24:40-42)

Two will be in the field;one will be taken and one will be left.Two women will be grinding meal together; one will be taken and one will be left. Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.

Tiadvent candleme is a strange thing. We think we have plenty of time until we get busy and try to finish things quickly. Then, we do not have enough time to do everything, unless we are well prepared so that the last minute surprises are dealt with in plenty of time. 

Sadly no matter what we do and how we check our to-do list, in today’s world, most of us are always short when it comes to having sufficient time to get things done. There are always pressing matters that intervene causing havoc to our well thought out plans to get things done in time. Whether it is sickness, unforeseen natural disasters, and personal troubles, we lurch from one thing to another, often without adequate rest in between.

Being so caught up in today’s responsibilities, reading today’s passage makes us think about all kinds of questions like What will happen to my family if I am taken up on that last day? Who will care for my child/mother in a home? The closest we come to this kind of sudden change that Matthew is talking about concerns those who are given the news of imminent death. People who are given incurable cancer diagnosis, who suddenly find themselves in wars, and who have received death threats have no choice but to realize how unprepared they are. The shock of imminent death the people do many things. Some people begin crossing off their bucket lists. Others reorient their lives for family. 

In Matthew’s Gospel, there is no time for crossing off a bucket list. The fullness of time is sudden and a complete surprise. There is no time for preparation or changes. This is why Christians always emphasized that we ought to live as if we are already in eternal life. By living with God already, there is no reason for preparation, worries or regrets. Living life that is fit to be with God is all that is being encouraged here.

This new life is no different than the life that Christ has taught us to live: Life of ethical integrity where faith, hope and love are the very reality everyone enjoys. In this first week of Christian New Year, we continue our journey in this world as the people of Christ who  live life in ways that we glorify God as we enjoy God among us.

advent candle

Imagining a worship
We will celebrate communion on this coming Sunday (December 4) as part of our Advent season. Communion is more than a simple ritual to remember Christ. At this time in our world, it is important for us to remember that it is Christ who “places his table in this world to feed and bless his people.” 

In our case, we celebrate communion with thanksgiving remembering that Christ offered himself ot us and we gladly present ourselves to him. The significance of this simple symbol, however, becomes magnified if we truly are able to imagine where Christ is placing his table inviting his people to come and be fed by him. 

Surely, Christ places his table in all churches around the world where he is worshipped and adored just like we believe fully that the communion table that is placed at the front of our sanctuary is the very place Christ placed his table among us. In the same way we can imagine that Christ placed his table in all his churches that worship and adore him. 

Where else would Christ place his table?

I am often at homes and seniors residences where our members who are not able to attend our communion at the church. Usually with an elder, I go to homes to share the communion. We are there because Christ places his table in these homes and beckons his people to be fed by him. Hospitals are also the places where Christ’s table is found. As many sick people are invited to partake in communion, Christ is present with them.

Other places where communion takes place are in many refugee camps all around the world. We often do not think of this as places where Christ’s table is found. In reality, Christ’s servants are there to serve communion to many who follow Christ as they seek safety and more peaceful life. Prisons are also the places where Christ sets his table for all those who are hidden away from us as dangers to our ways of living. 

The most unlikely places where Christ uncovers his table is where wars are raging. There among soldiers, civilians, victims, and perpetrators of violence, Christ quietly invites all who are lost and are broken to his table. In these places where the power of death is the greatest, Christ offers himself summoning those who have been slaves to death to receive the gift of life. 

This invitation to communion from Christ is a call to put away the life under death and live the life of grace and mercy. On this Sunday, we ask you to remember all who are facing the immense power of death and pray that they, too, are invited to our Lord’s Table. 


Second Sunday of Advent, December 4: Peace (Communion) 
Third Sunday of Advent, December 11: Joy
Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 18: Love (Christmas Carols Sunday)
Christmas Eve, December 24: Lunch at noon followed by worship service
Christmas, December 25: Christmas Worship at 10:30 am

Christmas Turkey Dinner Tak-out
Like last year, we taking precautions to keep everyone safe as we present our Annual Christmas Turkey Dinner Takeout. Yes, the Annual Christmas Turkey Dinner will be available for takeout. It will cost $25/person. Please contact Betty-Ann and reserve your take-outs. 

The take-outs will be available on Saturday, December 17 between 3:30 pm and 5 pm.

Mitten Tree
Knitted mittens, gloves, scarves and socks ought to be brought to the church by Sunday, December 4th. After Sunday, it will be taken to the Salvation Army for distribution.

Love Your Church
Goal: $20,000
In order to carry on our ministries, we are asking you to help us raise $20,000 on top of the regular offerings. You may choose to help us with small amounts weekly or monthly. Another way is to make a one time donation. Whatever you can help will be greatly appreciated.