Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is for everyone. Both who belong to our congregation as members and adherents as well as others who are in need of spiritual care will receive it. Spiritual Care responds to those who are in spiritual crisis or difficulties.

There are five specific cares we provide: 1. pastoral care; 2. spiritual exploration ; 3. emergency spiritual care; and 4: spiritual guidance.

1. Pastoral Care
Our church makes an effort to visit all members and adherents regularly. These visits are to keep in contact, inform, invite to participate, and care for those who belong to Drummond Hill.

    Yearly Visit: We make every attempt to reach everyone on our list at least once a year. Elders a
    Phone Care: There are those who are on our list to be phoned weekly or monthly depending on their needs.
    Prayer Care: Members of Prayer Givers pray for those who have requested us to pray for weekly.
    Special Care: Those who are unable to attend our worship services due to physical or other limitations are visited contacted regularly. Bulletins and sermon texts are delivered either weekly or monthly.
    Home Communion: Those who are simply unable to be part of our regular communion worship are given home communions. The minister and an elder will come to their homes and have worship service on behalf of the congregation to administer communion.
    Pastoral Groups: Each member (and adherent) belong to a pastoral care group under a team of elders. These elder teams will be in contact and provide spiritual care as needed.

2. Spiritual Exploration
In order to nurture and nourish the spirits, we provide ways for people to learn, grow, and live their faith.

    Learning: Seasonal Bible Discussions and various workshops are provided for people to participate. e.g. Lectionary Bible Studies, Witness to the Resurrection Workshops and other learning opportunities are provided.
    Growing: Catechism Classes, membership discussions, and hands on mission projects (e.g. Hill Top Stitchers making and distribution prayer shawls for those who are in need; raising funds for the Presbyterian World Service and Development, etc.) are provided for people to grow spiritually.
    Living Out: By participating in various ministry opportunities in and around the church locally and internationally everyone can be part of living out their faiths as they learn and grow.

3. Emergency Spiritual Care
Our minister visits the members or adherents who are in hospitals or at home regularly. However if anyone who needs any emergent spiritual care, one may call the church office and the minister will respond within a reasonable time frame.

4. Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance is somewhat like Spiritual Direction that is provided by some Christian denominations. We believe in helping through guidance. If necessary the guides may be the peers who are able to help each other. If the situation requires, the minister will be the spiritual guide for an individual or a group as the needs are responded to. If you care to no more, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us page.