Drummond Hill Newsletter, April 13, 2022

Holy Week (Luke 19: 45,46)

Then he entered the temple and began to drive out those who were selling things there; and he said, ‘It is written, “My house shall be a house of prayer”; but you have made it a den of robbers.’


At some point, usually in early spring, we do our cleaning. After many months of winter, it is good to do spring cleaning. Once in a while, however, we do face a time to really assess everything we own and are doing. That is, there is time for us to let Jesus come and clean out as Jesus did in the temple. Afterall, there might be many things we are doing because of tradition and history without checking if these things add to or hinder us from being Christ’s followers. This reset is essential for our faithfulness.

On Shrove (Fat) Tuesday, we clean out everything that is left over by cooking and eating in order to observe 40 days of Lent. On Maundy Thursday, we gather to remind ourselves about the new commandment to love Jesus gave us. On Good Friday, we face our death in Jesus’ death on the cross. That is, this holy week is the time for our “reset” so that we not only celebrate, but begin the new life in the resurrection of Christ.

What crucial things in the minds of Drummond Hill will Jesus cleanse so that we can truly be the body of Christ? Are there things we hold dear that hinder us from being his people? What will be on the list of things that ought to be thrown out?

My instinct is to shout out, “committees!” However, there are times when committees are essential. Certainly, as we prepare for Good Friday, it is necessary for us to let Christ open our eyes to things that ought not be part of his Church.

Drummond Hill 3.0

What should the resurrection church look like in the 21st century?

Last week we spoke of how Drummond Hill would be like a church with many small churches within it in ten years time. With a variety of different worship services, we figure that there will also be many ways people could attend worship services during the week. This is no different than having so many women’s groups in the 1960s and the 1970s. With more than ten women’s groups, the church thrived, not to mention activities for children, youths, and men. It is a variation of this kind of worship.

One thing to know is that this is a long view church planning. We do not expect this new church to be up and running soon. We expect this will take a while and that we are laying the foundation for this vision to take hold. You see, there are many things that need to be understood even before we start this long process.

Getting to know what our neighbours are like

We often notice how younger generations (anyone under 60) live and function in a very culturally different world. Their mindsets are different from one generation to another. Sociologists define them as Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, or millennials, post-millennials etc. We notice them when they spend more time on their phones texting (most likely Gen X), playing video games (more in Gen Y and post-millennials) than with their friends.

One thing that is becoming more clear is that these younger people have very different understandings of what their roles in communities are. They may use communities when they need them, but are not necessarily interested in building up or starting communities they need for a long term. Yes, they engage and participate, but on their own terms and usually for very short periods of time. Commitment is very different in their worlds.

Their interests and sense of purpose in life also differ. They do spend a lot of time thinking about their personal wellness and health. They also care far more about curating their appearances and the way they are perceived by others. “Curating” means they specifically present themselves in a particular way as they wish others will get to know them.

We are building a church that will allow all these younger generations to belong and flourish spiritually. This is not to cater to or offer them what they want. Rather, it is a way of presenting what they need in their spiritual well being with integrity of the Gospel of Christ. It is to witness and share the good news of Christ in ways that they come to participate according to their own expressions and life experiences. It is our task to help them discover, learn, explore, and be part of God’s mission in the world through the faith community we are building as Drummond Hill.


Good Friday Breakfast Worship



On Good Friday, April 15, we will begin our day with breakfast at 10 am, followed by our Good Friday worship service. Because we were unable to hold Shrove Tuesday and Maundy Thursday, we invite you to come and join us on Good Friday.

Easter Bonnet Contest (Easter Sunday)

Easter bonnet

Hear ye! Hear ye!
The Easter Bonnet Contest is here! Let the artist in you shine!

There are three categories for you to enter your hat for. Do not be shy! Let all your imagination flow free!


Easter bonnet with flowers

If you are a craft person, then, your inner beauty shine in Preeetttyyy category.



Easter bonnet with eggs

If you like fun stuff, of course, must enter for Fun category.



But if you are an off-beat wacky type of person, there

Easter bonnet with egg cartons
is a category just for you! “Wacky”!


We will judge hats on Easter morning and prizes will be handed out accordingly.



Easter Sunday Service


With all these excitements for Easter, we are inviting you to our Easter Service of worship. In order to entice you to celebrate with us and be part of this praise and worship, we invite you to a very special after service refreshments. It will be a time of fellowship and joy. Please come and join us for this most important day for all Christians.

A few ginger steps to Reopening

Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays


coffee and buns


At Drummond Hill Café

Starting on the first Tuesday of May, we are inviting you to come and join us for Cinnamon Bun, Tea, and Coffee at your favourite Drummond Hill Café. The Café will open at 10 am and will run until about noon. We will start with a short introductory devotional, followed by fellowship.

Again, the Café opens at 10 am every Tuesday. Come! Bring your friends! Enjoy the famous Drummond Hill hospitality.

Monthly Tea Tasting

a pic of teacup and tea bag

Again in May, we are starting our Monthly Tea Tasting Adventure at the Café. Everyone is invited.

Even if you are not a tea-lover, you should come out and see the variety of teas that you get to taste. Bring a friend, guest, or whoever.

It will be a very special occasion for you to enjoy God’s hospitality.

Both Cinnamon bun Tuesdays and Monthly Tea Tasting will be open to members, adherents and their friends first. When we get settled with our rhythm and ready to receive guests, it is our plan to open these up for everyone in Niagara Falls to come and enjoy.