Drummond Hill Newsletter, July 6, 2022

Wednesday Meditation (Luke 12:22,23)

He said to his disciples, ‘Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.

old clothes hanging

Each day can be full of surprises if we really think about it. What we end up eating, wearing, and doing might have been planned. However, these very mundane things contain elements of surprise in ways that we experience something new.

Tea I brew each morning is from different leaves. Even the shirt, yes, that same ol’ tired shirt I always wear, smells different if we really see it afresh. I may eat two strips of bacon and an egg each morning, but if you really pay attention you will realise these strips of bacon and egg are different from the ones I ate for yesterday’s breakfast. The same flower I looked at this morning is a bit different from yesterday, if you know what to look for. Its stem grew a bit longer. Its fragrance is either less or more vibrant than yesterday.

Somehow, we are conditioned to see things the same way and hardly notice any changes. This is why we are so surprised when those vibrant roses appear so worn out a few days later. We hardly ever notice subtle changes. Yet, biologists, historians, and all scientists thrive on noticing these small changes. After all, small changes add up to big changes.

Human beings tend to get very unsettled when things change dramatically. This is why we enjoy reading this passage. It tells us not to sweat small things. If we get concerned about every little change, we can go mad.

On the other hand, if we do not notice these small changes and delight in them, then, we miss a big part of our lives. What Jesus tells us here is to worry less about things we cannot real change or influence. Jesus does not tell us to ignore changes. When we begin to notice all these small changes that are taking place all around us, that is when we come to relish, enjoy, and delight in God’s creation.

There is so much joy that comes to us in noticing those little things that are taking place all around us. A bird laying eggs, hatching and tending its young. Those fast growing blades of grass become a haven for insects. Our lives become full and alive when we notice these surprises and enjoy them fully. We can enjoy these surprises as gifts from God and delight our senses if we learn to stop worrying about things we cannot do anything about.

It's summer! Time of Restoration and Refreshment!

Church nestled in a fire on top of hot red chillipepper

Thankfully, so far, our summer Sundays have been great: not too hot and humid. We could not have asked for better summer days than we are enjoying in these past few weeks. Perhaps we could have used a bit more rain during nights, but, hey, everything has been wonderful for many of us to complain about.

For those of us who have such a short Spring, Summer, and Fall, we relish all that life has to offer and recharge during these wonderful summer days. Cold weather will be upon us soon enough.

Of course, enjoying nature around us, whether to swim in lakes, rivers, and oceans or take a trip to visit new places, family or friends, we do our best to reconnect and renew relationships. Gathering for BBQ is also a great deal of fun during summer months. We are far more relaxed and ready to enjoy one another’s company.

As a church, we try our best to enjoy and be refreshed during summer months. This year, we are thinking of enjoying life in God in a more relaxed manner. Perhaps, some worship services will take place in our yard. We will praise God in ways that we are more like God’s children than God’s adult servants.

The session has agreed to have a bit of a different kind of gathering in August. Rather than regular worship service, we are planning a simpler gathering where we have devotions and sharing. Rather than inviting outside ministers, this will be more like devotions and discussions. This kind of gathering, we thought, will connect our people more closely together and get to know each other.







Summer Things To Do

A different way of thinking what a new church can be

How about a different way worshipping God?

I am not thinking about anything radical, but considering the possibility of enjoying the company of other Christians. We do not think of leaving home much, except in summer months. Some of us still go to cottages. Some of us will be on the road either on a day or a longer trip. In earlier days, we often felt compelled to attend churches on Sundays no matter where we were. Today, we often overlook this practice when we are away from home.

Sometimes it may do us good if we deliberately chose to attend a church different from Drummond Hill to experience what others are doing. By joining for worship in churches that are similar to us or totally different from us, we can learn a lot about who we are and what our faith expressions are like. We find out more about ourselves and who we are when we can compare ourselves to others. Indeed, we can find out whether our shade of blue is the same or different shade of blue from other Presbyterian churches.

It would help us not only to open our eyes, but to bring those new experiences to Drummond Hill so that we can examine and grow from these experiences. So be brave! Try a church that is totally different from us in all kinds of ways. Plan to attend just one Sunday service in August in another church. Let us know what you liked and disliked in ways other Christians worship and how you felt being in a different environment to worship.

Of course, it is easier to visit different churches when you are travelling. But staycationers (those who are in Niagara Falls) can make an effort to visit other churches around us. They don’t have to be Presbyterian churches. There are more than 100 churches in Niagara Falls to visit and experience. Of course, you need to make it clear that you are simply visiting during summer months as your church is slowing down during summer months. Indeed, we used to get some visitors from other churches in Niagara Falls, just to see what we do. I think this is a wonderful way of sharing faith with our neighbours.

In the meantime, know that you can never have too little or much of us. You only need to check our church web page at drummndhill.ca and get enough fill of our worship services. We will upload Sunday worship services throughout July and August for you to participate.

Only thing we ask you to do is to remember to continue with offerings. For our ministries to continue in ways to love God and neighbours, we need your continual support. Your faithful service and support make Christ’s ministry possible. We need to keep Betty-Ann’s hair healthy and strong.

Don’t forget Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays!

Poster of Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays

Romans 10:17

Faith comes from what is heard,
and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.