Drummond Hill Newsletter, Oct 5, 2022

Wednesday Meditation (Luke 2:4)

‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favours!’

Dove with palm on its beak

Clicking the picture will take you to Kairos website where they talk about speaking up for peace.


As Christ’s people, we continually work for peace. This is not any kind of peace, but peace that is found in our Lord. It is where violence, hurt, suffering and tears cease and where life flourishes as God created life to be. It is where life finds its meaning fully and all lives live out their purposes.

What can we do as Christians when the world is fired up with wars?

First, we pray for peace. We pray that God will rise up and bring peace on earth. Second, we live as people who are already enjoying this peace. Let’s unpack these two things we can do a bit more.

Praying for peace sounds so weak and lame. We sit in our own comfortable house and in our churches. Without the desperation of war refugees or soldiers under bombardments, we pray. What can this prayer do? Anything?

Our prayers are not simple wishes that are being said out of our goodness. Our prayers are the very manifestation of our faith in God who breathed life into everyone. We may take life on battlefields, but in death it is to God life returns. Our prayer lifted to this God. Our prayers to this God is for life to be restored and death be defeated. In Christ, we receive life in spite of death being all around us. Our prayers are for God to affirm life, life in Christ where love–compassion and mercy–abounds in people’s lives in spite of all efforts to deprive people of this love.

Living as God’s people called in Christ is to live in ways that our lives demonstrate God’s peace in us. That is, others can see us living the life of Christ’s peace. This is more than living a life without conflict. Indeed, Christ’s peace, if lived out right, ends up confronting those who flourish in violence and destruction. Christ’s peace speaks truth to power, insists ways of love over means of hate, pleads the cases of poor and oppressed, witnesses good and evil in ways that evil is exposed at every turn. Christ’s peace upholds those who suffer unjustly and stands up against all human systems that refuse to bring dignity and respect to all life.

Enjoying Christ’s peace is to live life by countering violence and destruction leading to death with ways of compassion, mercy, and love. It is a way of respecting our humanity in all of us. It is honouring the dignity of each person by relating to them in the same way we receive Christ.


All aboard?

Right turn road sign

When we ask for suggestions for what we can do in our church that is fresh and new, there are more than a few things to remember. The thing is, we are not the same church as we used to be. We do not have as many people, especially as many people who can work to make things happen.

It would be wonderful to do many things we used to do. However, the reality is very simple. For example, we used to put on dinners for fundraising. We used to organize a work crew that had more than 10 people. Today, we can count on a very few people who can actually cook, serve, and clean up.

Even for a lecture series, we used to get over 10 people to our Wine, Women, and Song. Today, many people are unable to come. We will get a number of people you can count with one hand. It is that if we do things the same way as before, most of us will be disappointed.

Many good suggestions of trying to have events and worship services as we used to no longer fit the needs and concerns of our church today. As said in the Bible, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

There are things that are possible and are exciting for us to do because we have people who are able to do them. There are many things that we cannot do even though the idea may be wonderful because we simply do not have people who are able.

There is another thing to think about carefully as we chart our course for the future. It is one thing to plan, but to continue doing the same thing weekly or even monthly, we need different types of commitment from each of us. For example, one of the reasons for being extremely careful in asking everyone to take turns for refreshments after worship is due to the fact that once we begin, it always turns out that the same few people end up doing the same thing. With a very limited number of people, if we are not careful, the same people will end up with refreshments most of the time. Some of us think that pitching in once in a while can change all these concerns. In reality, there will be more empty spots. The trouble is, no one wants to coordinate the refreshment schedule. We know that putting out the list does not always mean that every Sunday will be looked after.

This is a plea for everyone to think creatively about how we can take on and do things. Simply bringing back what we used to do will not help us. Let’s think of doing new things to meet our needs within our means.

Communion Lunch

We thank Gail, Linda and Sandy for preparing and serving lunch after the worship service last Sunday. They worked hard to make sure that the lunch was delicious and plentiful. We thank everyone for bringing toppings as well. Many people really enjoyed those baked potatoes and chili. Helping Neighbours

It is important to remind ourselves that the way we are helping our neighbours is changing. Our new philosophy of helping is that we will help others in ways that will empower them to help themselves. This means our usual ways of handing things out will be changed. It is already controversial, but we will do our best to help everyone in need.

Forward 'n Onward!

How will our Fall and Winter seasons be? What will we be doing?

October Schedule:

Sunday, October 9: Thanksgiving Sunday
Sunday, October 16: Something Old, Something New Sunday
Sunday, October 23: Past, Present, Future Sunday
Sunday, October 30: Reformation Sunday

October Activities:

Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays (10 am Tuesdays)
Thursday Devotion and Fellowship (Thursdays, October 20, 27, November 4,)
We will also start our monthly fundraising events in October and November.

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fiona

We will let everyone know how we can help the people in our eastern provinces as soon as we hear from the Presbytery of Cape Breton.

Remember to pray for the Church and the world in this very difficult time.

Poster of Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays


Romans 10:17



Faith comes from what is heard,
and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.