This is a small hill. In spite of its size, this hill was scarred by one of the last battles of the War of 1812. Both sides lost the most number of soldiers. The church stood through the battle as a witness of the carnage, witnessing the Gospel of Christ silently proclaiming peace on earth. The battle was fought on July 25th, 1814. Both sides lost more than 800 soldiers.

This is a small hill by any measure, but it peaks as the highest point in the city of Niagara Falls, welcoming all comers from every place on earth. The church stands as a symbol of welcome and hospitality dimly, yet without fail reflecting God's love for all mankind.

This is a small hill that everyone passes by to get to the magnificent water falls, yet will outlast, as it has in the past, all those who pass through with anticipation of seeing one of the natural wonders of the world. Yet, on this hill a mighty battle took place and much blood was shed. The church, as it has in the past, shall continue to stand and be the witness of history, not only of what people do in their life times, but more importantly, of the salvation history of God in Christ.

Each Sunday, worship service follows and reflects the rhythm of the promise of God, fulfilment in Christ and continual revelation of God's reign for all mankind. Faith, hope and love stand in parallel to the promise, fulfilment and revelation.

Come and see! Taste and know that God is good and that God's steadfast love endures forever.

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